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Corporate Benefits

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Need to entertain guests?  How about a band?  Chocolate fountain?  Dancers?

Before you book those – why not entertain guests and promote your organization at the same time?  Market yourself with branded photos with event guests as your brand ambassadors – whoever sees their photos sees you.  5 Star is also a powerful marketing tool with exceptional benefits and value:

  1. Brand recognition:  raise brand awareness when guests share emails and photos on social media.  It’s like free advertising!
  2. More business:  increase traffic to your website
  3. Marketing:  use guests’ emails for marketing
  4. Guest retention:  happy guests tell others and return to future events
Unlike other photo booths and one-and-done entertainers, your brand and event gets massive and continued exposure long after your event is over.  With a branded photo on their fridge or in social media, you’ll always be in the mind of your guests.  And not only the guests, but everyone who sees those photos.
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Benefits With Us <>

1. New Leads

Photos are emailed to guests.  With their consent, use the emails for:

    • contact list/ newsletters
    • donation drives
    • post-event follow up

Save work at your trade shows – no more paper ballot entries for raffles to collect leads.

email sent to guest

2. Email Exposure

Banners in the email to guests allow you to:  

    • inform about or promote your event & brand
    • match the event theme
    • recognize sponsors
Sharing screen

3. More Website Traffic

From the guests’ email screen, they’re sent to a Sharing Screen with banners for your marketing.  The bottom banner sends guests to your website for:

    • increased exposure
    • potential new business
    • more donations for charities

4. Free Advertising in Social Media

It’s like having all your guests in your PR and Marketing Dept!

    • when guests post their branded photos to social media, whoever sees these photos also sees you
    • increase social media presence without paying Mark Zuckerberg a penny 
    • when posting photos to Twitter, the Twitter Mention and Hashtag used will be set to yours!

5. Captive Audience

Even before we click the pic, guests are staring at your brand on our Menu screen, right where the camera is.  Now that’s a captive audience.

another happy client

5 Star was very organized and helpful at our Chinese New Year Gala.  Guests had lots of fun and happy to immediately share photos on social media. We highly recommend their service. Thanks Alvin for your patience to help with graphics.

6. Promotion using Branded Photos

Overlay: show your logo, website, sponsors, etc.
media board using Delta's logo
Use green screen for your corporate backdrop
Hilarious digital props just for you

6. Promotion using Branded Photos

All 5 Star photos and images are customizable.  Following are ways to promote your brand (see Services for samples & details).  Also, consider your sponsors in the branding – they’ll love your love and this value-add you’re providing.

Overlay:   Usually contains your name & logo and event name.  Could also include your:

      • website
      • slogan
      • social media tag/ hashtag

Photo Background:   

      • physical corporate or sponsor wall board
      • no physical wall board?  No problem.  Use green screen to save money
      • use green screen to: show off your building or product; be creative; have fun

GIF’s & Collages:   

      • include your brand in the GIF, either moving or static
      • tell guests about promotions or future events in the collage

Digital Props:    

      • customize speech bubbles and signs with your company/ industry jargon & phrases
      • want your product as a gigantic prop?  Save time & money – do it digitally

Templates:  Customize and brand your template.  Don’t underestimate the power of a great photo on a fridge!

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