5 Star Photo Booth


Promote Your Event & Brand

Not just an amazingly fun photo booth, 5 Star is a powerful marketing tool with exceptional benefits and value. Why not entertain guests and promote your event & brand at the same time?

With branded photos, guests become your brand ambassadors as you'll get continued exposure long after your event is over - whoever sees their photos sees your brand! 

collage of branded photos

1. Branded Photos

All our photos and features are customizable to promote your event and brand, not only to the event guests but to everyone who they share their pic with.

Also, consider your sponsors & partners in the branding – they’ll love you for this added-value.

2. Captive Audience

Guests will see your brand on our Menu screen, where the camera is. Great way to get and keep their attention on your brand.

share photos

5 Star was very organized and helpful at our Rotary’s Chinese New Year Gala. Our guests had lots of fun. They were happy to share the photos immediately with their friends on social media. We highly recommend using their service.

Becky Tsukishima profile pic

Becky Tsukishima

Editor, Rotary Club of Richmond

3. Email Exposure

Photos are sent to the guest’s email, which has customized banners for your event and brand.


4. More Website Visitors

From their email, guests are sent to 5 Star’s Sharing Screen with custom branding. Get more exposure, new business or charity donations when guests click to visit your website.

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5. Social Media Exposure

Raise your brand’s profile on social media. We make it easy for guests to post their branded photos, so all their friends can see your brand.

mailing list

6. New Subscribers

The guests’ emails that they gave consent to, are available for your use such as:

  • new subscribers or contacts
  • post-event follow up/ thank you
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