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Not sure which feature to choose? First, you're not limited to just one (it's good to have options!). Second, tell us about your event - we'll recommend which features can maximize your guests' fun and time at our photo booth.

Photo Backgrounds

The background in the photos can be a digital image (using green screen) or a real, physical setting (eg. venue’s setting; sequin backdrop; balloon arch). It’s your even, your choice.

Green Screen

Take your event to the next level with fun, unique photos. Unlike others, we don’t charge extra to use green screen.

Can’t take your party to Hollywood? Then bring Hollywood to your party! Use your imagination – anything is possible!

digital image for the photo background
1. Digital Image
2 guests posing in front of green screen
2. Green Screen Behind Guests
final resulting photo
3. Final Result
happy guests in front of flower wall

Physical Backgrounds

Use any physical backdrop or natural setting as the photo background.

Without the green screen behind the guests, we can pan out wider to get more guests in the shot, if needed. 

silly guests in front of balloon arch
natural background


The overlay highlights the name and theme of your event on the photo.

In the final photo, nothing blocks out the overlay image as it’s “overlayed” on top of the images of the guest(s) and background.

Overlays can be applied to all the different photo layouts, GIFs and videos loopbacks.

Canuck's Autism photo with overlayoverlay for Canucks Autism photo
3 separate layers of a photo
1. 3 Layers of a Photo
final resulting photo consisting of 3 layers of images
2. Final Photo

wonderful experience

We hired 5 Star for our Christmas party and it was a wonderful experience! Alvin was professional and accommodating to any needs and desires we had. Everyone had a blast and got wonderful takeaways from the party! Definitely recommend.

Christina Marshall profile pic

Christina Marshall

Administrative Supervisor, AES Engineering
landscape layout 1 pose
Layout L1
landscape layout 2 poses
Layout L2

Photo Layouts

A single 4″ x 6″ photo print can show 1, 2, 3 or 4 different shots (or poses) of the guest. It’s your choice. 

More shots takes bit more time, but keeps the guest smiling and engaged.

landscape layout 3 poses
Layout L3
landscape layout 4 poses 1st larger
Layout L4A
landscape 4 poses same sizes
Layout L4B

Animated GIFs

Everyone loves GIFs!  Four different shots (or poses) are taken, then stitched together to “animate” the guest. 

For even more fun, the GIF’s background and/ or overlay can also be animated. Click to see our GIF library of animated images.

BONUS:  Our GIFs come with a 4 picture collage.  A great way to send guests a message, recognize sponsors or promote your event. 

Boys & Girls Club GIF
Static Overlay & Background
Boys and Girls Club 4 photo collage
Bonus GIF Collage
Quiznos pic without digital props
digital props added to Quiznos pic
Add Digital Props

Digital Props

Spice up photos even more with digital props (eg. speech bubbles; your company products).

Guests drag & drop digital props onto their photo, then position and size any way they want. Got a cool digital prop in mind? Sure, we can make it!

digital props - NAOSH event
digital props - 11th birthday party

Video Loopbacks

Who would think 3 seconds can be so fun and last forever?

NOTE: If using green screen, the green background can’t be changed to a digital image in the final video.

looping golf video
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